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"When I was living in New York, I received an audition for an incredible play. The sides were complicated and called for a vulnerability that had not yet been demanded of me. I called Brian, and his help was incredible - the script analysis, technical savvy, and most importantly, his understanding of humanity.  We left no stone unturned. I got the part. It turned out to be the most important piece of theater I've ever been blessed to participate in... Brian Avers is the JAM."


(Westworld, Prime Suspect, Kingdom Hospital)

“Brian Avers is the man - enough said! He’s laid back, a very supportive style, and knows what you need to elevate your best qualities as a human, and as an actor. I love going to him anytime I need to spruce up an audition last minute - he’s one of the most honest guys in the business, and he can tackle any genre. I'm grateful to call him a colleague and most of all, a friend!"


(New Amsterdam, Instinct, Blue Bloods) 


"I've worked with Brian numerous times on auditions and every time I walk away excited and confident.  He's an expert at helping actors make strong choices and preparing specific, inspired work. Recently we worked on a Shakespeare audition for a major New York theater, and I booked the job. A master with text and audition techniques, he knows how to get the very best out of actors!"                          


(A Free Man of Color, Love’s Labours Lost) 

for Amy Lynn Stewart


"Amy understands the emotional significance of the grad school audition process and is a determined coach and cheerleader throughout. In addition to her fearless honesty and compassion for her clients, she's quick to identify range in a selection of monologues and insightfully tailor each one to highlight your unique attributes. Working with Amy not only resulted in acceptance to my top pick graduate program, but made the process of auditioning meaningful and fun, regardless of the results."

Will Seefried (MFA, NYU; Dietland, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt)


"Amy's one of the most transformational actresses I’ve ever worked with. As a coach, she was able to hear what I couldn’t. She has a generosity and compassion for the task of acting, but she also knows when something isn’t working. It’s an amazing combination that makes it easy to play, fail, and figure out the text with her. She made me feel so confident going into my audition, and I had so much fun working with her in the process. If you can’t find joy in what you’re doing, why do it?"



"Amy was an amazing coach! At the last minute, she gave me a place to play, to make choices, make mistakes and have fun in my monologues. I couldn't have had the audition I did without the guidance, honest criticism and eventually, the confidence, that Amy instilled in me. I was thrilled to make end of day callbacks at NYU and offered a spot to come to UCSD!"

Lexi Lapp (FBI, Law & Order SVU, Carmen)

Walker Hare (Only Murders in the Building, The Good Fight)

“Stacey has a way of illustrating things in a character, you didn’t notice were even there. She never lets you get away with being "general" ... I trust her completely!”

Cedric Sanders (American Gangster, Law & Order)


"Not just an amazing director of plays and musicals, Tom's been my go-to 1:1 coach for years, leading to several booked roles in motion pictures and theatre. He's my first call when I get an audition!"

Jonathan Gregg (Blacklist, Ray Donovan, High Maintenance)

"Bianca's incredible gift with language, style, Shakespeare, and acting craft are unsurpassed. I've gotten work from many auditions in which she coached me, and I always leave our rehearsals feeling inspired & confident."

Beth Wittig (Midsummer Night's Dream, This)


“Ben is a force in the world of acting & creative success. Not only a master of booking national commercials, as a teacher, Ben's inspiring but very practical. His insights and techniques instantly make you better - and funnier!"

Robyn Cohen (Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, NCIS)

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